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Michaela Byggmark Delér bor i Stockholm med sin man Jens och två barn, Livia Celine 4 år och Valter Boss 2,5 år. I bloggen kommer ni kunna följa henne och hennes vardag som består av allt ifrån resor, träning och mode till det vanliga familjelivet.


From my IG-story earlier today <3

Jag körde en liten frågestund på Instagram idag och svarade bara på svenska men lovade er att lägga upp svaren här på engelska. Om någon av er inte sett dom så lägger jag även upp på svenska, men då kan ni läsa på bilderna.

//I did a Q/A on my Instagram today and just answered in Swedish but I promised you to post the answers here in English. If anyone of you haven’t seen it I also post them in Swedish, but then you can just read the pictures. 

Q – Are you going to move to Spain again?

A – No, we’re not. I hope that Janni and Jon are choosing to move to Sweden in the future instead, hehe. 

Q – How are you coping with your disaster thoughts?

A – Well, they are there, haha. But better now and then! I always think they get better when I get more understanding of how the brain works so I really recommend Anders Hansens book – Hjärnstark (brain strong). It’s so good! 


Q – When did you know that you were ready for kids?

A – I’ve always been ready for kids so I just waited for the right person. I could have had children with Jens right after we met, but he wanted to wait so it happened after three years. 

Q – Do you want more kids in the future? 

A – Earlier I’ve felt absolutely NO but if I’m going to be completely honest I don’t know. It feels weird to never have your own baby again, especially when the kids gets bigger all the time. So I answer maybe.

Q – How many months is it between your kids? They are so cute.

A – Thank you! It’s 15 months between them, in other words 1 year and 3 months.

Q – Can’t you have another podcast episode with unpopular opinions or would you rather again? 

A – Yes so fun! My favorite kind of episodes. I’m just going to get Janni in on that idea. 


Q – I hate my job/profession but I have to work to get money. Any tips? 

A – Oh thats hard! It shouldn’t be that way. You can start study something you’re interested in? Or look for another job and apply for it to see if you get it? Nothing just magically solves bu itself so sit down, think about your goals and make a plan how to get there. During that time you might work just 50 percent and make it work? EVERYTHING is possible. 

Q – How is it going with your new job?

A – It goes well! I’m going to start in February! Looking forward to that a lot. I’m going to tell you all about it later! Promise! 

Q – I’m having panic attacks at the gym, any tips on how to make it go away?

A – Oh! I suffer so much with you. I don’t really know what makes you panic but think about that it’s all in your head. Nothing is happening, nothing is dangerous, it’s just in your head!!! Challenge yourself by going to the gym and make it! The more times you do, the faster this will go away! Good luck! 

Q – Plans on starting a youtube Chanel? 

A – Yes! Or I want to! I just have to see if I have the time. What would you like to see in that case? 


Q – How is it going with your PMDS? Have you ever been depressed? How do you handling that with kids? 

A – Yes it’s there! I haven’t been depressed (for real, or what you should say) but I have PMDS for sure. I’m going to start dealing with that now. It’s hard when you have the kids since my patience sinks to zero and I often get mad with no explainable reason at all. I just try to have a good dialog with the kids (mostly Livia) and explain to her why and then she seems to understand.

Q – What happened with the apartment you bought in Spain?

A – It’s still isn’t ready. It’s a new production that should have been done in december 2019 but it’s some delay on that. Spain you know. 

Q – Dina mål för året?

A – Jag har inte så många mål. Jag vill bara vara snäll mot mig själv, försöka äta och göra saker som är hälsosamma för mig, spendera så mycket tid jag kan med mina barn och min familj och bara försöka bli den bästa versionen av mig. Också att alltid påminna mig själv om att vara tacksam och glad för allting och inte ta någonting för givet. 

Q – What kind of sibling stroller did you have for your kids?

A – A Bugaboo Donkey. I loved that one. Although I changed it kind of quick to a Bugaboo Bee (that we still have) with a rider platform. It’s not optimal to live in town with a dubble stroller, I could never fit in the bus. 


Q – How often do you refill your microblading? 

A – About 2 times a year. I’m so happy with them. I do it at the best @stylinbymoa

Q – I get so mad at the obstinate age. How old is Livia now? Does it get better? (my son is soon 3 years old). 

A – Livia is 4,5 years old and YES everything gets better. The more you can communicate with them the better it gets. I love when the kids gets older. Although everyone tells me small kids – small problems, big kids – big problems, so I just have to wait and see. 

Q – What kind of music do you listen to? Any favorite artist? 

A – I almost never listens to music. But IF I do my absolute favorite is Molly Sandén. I’ve been listening to her since she sang ”Det finaste någon kan få” in like 2006. I think all of her lyrics are spot on and so real. 

Q – Tips on the tastiest everyday food? 

A – Pasta with sausage stroganoff, everyday of the week. It’s not whats on the picture but I couldn’t find anyone else.


Det var dom frågorna jag hann med. Valter blev sjuk nu på kvällen med, feber och trött, så det är något skit vi har här hemma. Usch. Ska svara på lite fler frågor på Instagram i kväll så kan jag posta dom svaren här i morgon också. PUSS <3

//It was those questions that I had time for. Valter got sick now in the evening too, fever and tired, so it’s something we have here. Ugh. I’m going to answer some more questions on Instagram tonight so I can post those answers here in the morning too. XOXO <3



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  1. Trish skriver: 9 januari 2020 kl 07:20

    Thank you for the english translations! Greatly appreciated. Would love it if you and Janni could do a podcast episode in English one day! Love ready or blog from the U.S.A.

  2. michaela skriver: 9 januari 2020 kl 09:51

    Thank you <3 We don't really feel that comfortable speaking English to each other in that kind of format, but maybe someday, hehe 🙂 <3

  3. Ellinore skriver: 9 januari 2020 kl 10:14

    Jag måste bara säga hur BRA din blogg är! Jag har läst den ett tag nu, men jag orkar aldrig kommentera haha. Men nu kände jag att jag måste. Den är så välskriven och ”snygg”, det är verkligen en fröjd att gå in och läsa här 😍

  4. michaela skriver: 10 januari 2020 kl 09:52

    Åh men vad gulligt av dig!! Tack <3<3

  5. Matilda Berlinmatildaberlin.se skriver: 12 januari 2020 kl 18:01

    Får jag fråga hur du redigerar dina bilder? Fullkomligt älskar djupet och fylligheten i dom! Har försökt göra mina liknande i flera månader, men det går verkligen inte alls 😩
    Älskar din blogg btw! ☺️

  6. michaela skriver: 12 januari 2020 kl 20:03

    Åh men tack fina <3 Jag redigerar i Lightroom. Använder Janni och Jon's presets och brukar alltid ha Mexico fade. Tar bort lite av det gula också 🙂 Testa det 🙂 Kram <3

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